Dry Fire Limited offers a 10% discount on all Our products to anyone who carries a gun in duty. This includes any person who:

1. Believes they have a moral duty to defend innocent life, where legally and morally possible.

2. Trains regularly and is prepared to risk his or her life in defense of others.

3. Carries whenever possible in order to discharge this duty.

We leave it to the conscience of individual customers to determine if they qualify for this discount.

Why is our policy so broad? Because we believe it is the duty of every American man to be armed at all times. This concept lives on in the US Code as well as in the laws of many of our states. See, for example, 10 U.S. Code § 246, or TN Code § 58-1-104. The majority of the adult male population in this country are still part of the “unorganized militia”; they are legally subject to mobilization.

If you think that applies to you. Apply "Duty10" at the checkout and get 10% OFF in your entire order!

Thank you for your Service